Daniel Collins

Daniel's programming skills are outstanding. He is the person I go to to code complex algorithms. I needed a specific algorithm to be coded for my Communications engineering PhD research project and I needed it in a short amount of time. Daniel completed the job in less than a week. I will be engaging Daniel again for the complex jobs. He has also shown a lot of trustworthiness especially when it comes to confidentiality. In a nutshell, Daniel is the programmer to go to when you have a task that no other programmers would be able to do. Whatever rate he charges is well worth the outcome of his work. He is my highest recommended programmer
— Wilfred Amai, CEO - Skylinkinvent
We first approached Daniel with an ambitious web platform concept. With Dan heading the project up, his impressive ability for foresight in foundational architecture, complex permission systems through to modern optimizations & security continues to impress our company & the greater industry. The continually scaling aperture of tasks our company can now handle has been the defining factor of our annual revenue growth. Dan has provided the granite for which we can now build skyscrapers.