Daniel Collins

Interesting Websites

Interesting Mobile Apps

  • anki - A flashcard style memorisation tool
  • HelloChinese - A great mandarin learning tool
  • maps.me - Mobile App interface for Open Street Map, the wikipedia of mapping.

Interesting Command Line Programs

  • NeoMutt - My Favourite Mail User Agent.
  • ledger - UNIX style accounting program.
  • ripgrep - better and faster grep for code.
  • new vi - a beautiful text editor.

Reading List

  • The wizard book (HTML) - my favourite book on computing
  • Let Over Lambda (official site) - macro writing techniques for common lisp
  • Lisp in Small Pieces (official site) -- how to make computing machines. read the wizard book first.
  • Haskell Programming from first principles (official site) - the best introduction to Haskell programming
  • Self-Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness (amazon) - incredibly clear explanation of rigpa
  • The Bread Baker's Apprentice (amazon) - techniques for the home bread baker
  • The poetry of Judith Wright (bullocky is a favourite)

What I haven't read yet

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